Our Keluarga Sirkus (circus family) is hunting and unboxing cars from Diecast Hotwheels via Alfamart, Indomart and Yomart (its a mini market nearby our neighborhood and we checking out one by one by foot its about 2 km).

Not yet got the clue…which one is the rare collection one, but we gonna keep hunting for fun… Actually why we suddenly hunting hot wheels, you see there some a spread virus issue around Abi’s (our father) friend so somehow he got infected with those virus.

But we began with some standar price hot wheels for the expensive one must wait until we (the childern) know how to keep them well coz we mostly great to vanish a lot of stuff like magic. If you like hot wheels so give us some clue what series that is hunt by collectors and what the coolest hot wheels there is? Leave your comment

Please c ya, sampa jumpa.

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